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Below is a list of resources I have found helpful to my horse race handicapping and wagering:

Online Toteboards
DRF Toteboard - This is my favorite one as it is very well laid out and easy to swith to other tracks. Plus you can view multiple tracks at one time.

NYRA Toteboard - This is a good one, but it is only for NYRA tracks. The NYRA website is also a good resource for replays and information.

Live Video & Replays
Always, check the track website to see if they offer streaming video!

Horse Races Now - App - This app is unbelieveable and one of the most valuable tools I have found. Replays and live streaming for most tracks, plus entries and results. You can also set alerts for your favorite tracks, horses, trainers and jockeys.

NYRA Website - For replays at all NYRA tracks. Pan and head on shots.

Cal Racing Website - For replays at most California tracks.

Betting Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century - by Steve Davidowitz
If I had to recommend one book for all levels of horseplayers it would be this one. It is kind of like a horseplayers bible if you will. Steve covers everything from handicapping and betting angles to wagering. A lot of his lifetime of research is in this book and you get to benefit from it.

Picking Winners, The Winning Horseplayer & Beyer of Speed - by Andrew Beyer
From the creator of Beyer speed figures, Andrew Beyer is a very colorful writer. Though not as thorough as Davidwitz's book, Beyer, certainly explains the ups and downs of horse racing. His money management and betting schemes are second to none and you get to read how his thoughts have changed over the years. My turf racing strategy came from one of these books.

Exotic Betting - by Steven Crist
An excellent book on multi-race and intra-race betting. A horse player should never design a multi-race ticket without reading this book first. This is the best book on exotic wagering that I have found to date.

Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies - by Richard Eng
An great beginners guide to learn the basics of handicapping, terminology and how different wagers work. If you are completely new to horse racing I would suggest this book first.

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network -
Hosted by Steve Byk this daily 3 hours show focuses soley on thoroughbred racing. Steve talks to professional handicappers, trainers, jockeys, owners and other industry workers so you get a full array of information of the horse racing industry. You can listen live online everyday from 9am - 12pm or download past shows. Also, he can be found on XM and Sirus radio. His show is invaluable to handicappers of any skill level.

Grade One Racing -
An excellent resource for clockings, workout reports and blogs by professional handicappers. This is a great website leading up to those big racing days, especially the Kentucky Derby, when you need good information on workouts and horses appearance. They usually run specials leading up to most major racing days.

Daily Racing Form -
Offers a wealth of news, blogs and racing information as well as the most detailed past performances available and much more. Their past performances are a little more expensive than others, but the quality of information you and pull out of them is much, much better.

Equibase -
Another good source for past performances, racing news, results charts and more.

Express Bet -
Their wagering guide leading up to big days is incredible. Packed full of great information, selections and thoughts from some of the best handicappers. And the best part is it is free! I don't go to the track on big days without it.

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